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Motorsports Coatings

Firearms Coatings

X-Werks provides high temp ceramic coatings for headers, exhaust systems, turbos, forced induction turbo systems, motorcycle exhaust systems and custom racing parts that need the protection and heat insulation/dissipation advantages of ceramic coatings.   We offer coatings good to over 2200 degrees!  Less heat in ​the intake and engine compartment mean more horsepower and torque!

Dealer and manufacturer pricing is available.  Give us a call or email us for information

Choose from Single, two tone, custom air brushed, and custom camo patterns from digital to multicam.  We make our patterns and stencils in house.

Handguns, AR-15/10 Platforms, Bolt rifles, Shotguns, lever actions, and revolvers.  X-Werks is a class III 07MFG FFL so we can also coat Silencers, and machine guns.

Click on our facebook link for photos of some of our current work.

Email or call us or one of our dealers for pricing. 

Dealers & Manufacturers

Dealers:  To become and X-Werks dealer email sales@x-werks.com for more information and for dealer pricing.​​

Manufacturers:  X-Werks has coated for some of the biggest names in the firearms industry!  We provide private label/OEM coating services and quantity pricing.  Email or call us for more information.