Firearms & Motorsports Coatings


1734 W Williams Dr #6, PhoenixAZ 85027, USA

Need ideas for your next project or want to see the actual color you're looking for on the firearm or accessory?  Stop by our showroom and let us show you!  We've got a variety of different firearms for sale in our show room and to get ideas for us to help you with your next project!  We stock a majority of what we sell the most such as the Remington 700 5R line, 870 shotguns, Glocks, M&Ps, 1911's, and large variety of AR-15/10 receiver sets all ready to be coated!

We have been doing High performance ceramic coatings and powder coating for the Motorsports and firearms industries for over the last decade.  X-Werks has provided coating services to entities ranging from Government agencies to pro race car and motorcycle manufactucturers.  If you're looking for professional coatings stop by our shop and get it done right the first time!  If you're local come visit our shop to see what we can do for your next firearm or motorsport project.  If you're shipping us parts fill out and print the from below to send with your order to be coated!


We provide welding & fabrication services for the Motorsports and Firearms industries involving Tig, Mig, and Stick processes. Materials range from aluminum, stainless, chromoly, and mild steel.  Depending on your material and application requirements we can help recommend the best process for the job.  Our fabrication ranges from exhaust fabrication, roll cage and custom sheet metal fabrication to composite fabrication in fiber glass and hand laid carbon fiber